Complaint Resolution Process

Steps for Community Members, Building Users, and the Board of Trustees

If there is a complaint or problem, the Activities Director or Sponsor of the activity should be notified immediately.

The Activities Director shall work with the User and Sponsor to determine the facts and take steps to solve the problem. If the issue is serious enough to possibly warrant suspension, the Activities Director or Sponsor will notify an Officer of Board, who may suspend use until the next meeting of the board.

If the complaint or problem is not resolved by the User, Sponsor, or Activities Director, any party has the option to request that the issue be placed on the agenda of a mutually agreeable board meeting. The User, Sponsor, Activities Director, and any other parties involved shall be notified of this meeting in a timely manner and given opportunity to address the complaint or problem at this meeting. The Board and the parties involved shall work together to resolve the problem or complaint and identify solutions or steps to be taken.

In pursuing resolution of the problem, the Board may take action including, but not limited to (a) monitoring the User, (b) changing the parameters of use, (c) assessing fees for damages, and (d) suspension or termination of the use as a last resort.

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